Psychonavigation Records


Psychonavigation Records Catalogue

PSY001 ‘Psychonavigation the compilation’ Compilation CD

PSY002 CJC vs Buckminster Fuzeboard (Electrica/Downtempo) 12” Vinyl

PSY003 ‘Psychokinesis compilation (Ambient/Electronica/Electro) Compilation CD

PSY003VL Psychokinesis 12” Vinyl 6 Track Sampler

PSY004 ‘Alphaform’ compilation (Canadian Electronic artists) Compilation CD

PSY005 Matthew Devereux ‘Russian Space Race Auction’ EP CD

PSY006 Psychonavigation promo sampler CDR NOT FOR SALE

PSY007 ‘Simulus’ (Ambient/Electronica/Electro) compilation CD / DBL Vinyl

PSY008 The Pale ‘Lonely Space Age’ (Electronic Pop) Album CD Sold Out

PSY009 Hector & Elgordo vs Buckminster Fuzeboard (Folk / Downtempo) 7” Vinyl

PSY010 Matthew Devereux ‘Tap,Tap,Tap’ (Electronica) Album CD

PSY011 Manta ‘Head Movements’(Ambient/Techno) Mini Album CD

PSY012 Lackluster “Remixselection_One” Album CD SOLD OUT

PSY013 Sean Quinn “Skylines” (Ambient / Drum N Bass) Album CD

PSY014 Anne Garner Re-making The Pearl (Remixes : Electronica / Electro) Album CD

PSY015 David Bickley ‘Still rivers at night’ (Ambient / Dub) Album CD

PSY016 Electric Penguins ‘Goodbye from the Electric Penguins’ (Accoustic ) Album Digipack CD

PSY017 Ciaran Byrne ‘Galtrim’ Album (Ambient/Electronica) CD

PSY018 Bickley O’Farrell ‘All Your Life/Sweet Love’ (Electronic Pop) Album CD

PSY019 Roedelius ‘Snapshots/Sidesteps’ (Krautrock) Album CD

PSY020 Enrico Coniglio ‘Areavirus’ Topofonie Vol 1 (Ambient/Jazz) Album Digipack CD

PSY021 ‘An Taobh Tuathail Vol 1’ (Folk / Electronica) Compilation CD

PSY022 Enrico Coniglio & Elisa Marzorati ‘dyan MU’ (Piano / Classical) Album Digipack CD

PSY023 Gel-Sol ‘IZ’ (Ambient Soundcapes) Album CD

PSY024 Ciaran Byrne ‘Nine Lives Causeway’ (Ambient/Electronica) Album CD

PSY025 Derek Carr ‘The Digital Space Race’ (Detroit Techno / Downtempo) Album CD

PSY026 ‘An Taobh Tuathail Vol 2’ (Folk / Electronica) Compilation CD

PSY027 R.S.A.G. ‘Organic Sampler’ (Rock / Indi ) Album 2CD Digipack

PSY028 Roger Doyle ‘Cool Steel Army’ (Avant Garde / Opera / Ambient ) Album Digipack CD

PSY029 ‘Zaum Vol 1’ (Italian Ambient Music) Compilation CD

PSY030 Tiny Magnetic Pets ‘Return Of The Tiny Magnetic Pets’ (Electro Pop) Album Digipack CD

PSY031 Mick Chillage ‘Tales From The Igloo’ (Ambient / Downtempo) Album CD

PSY032 Brawdcast ‘The Quest For Human Completion’ (Hip-Hop) Album Digipack CD

PSY033 Y9 (Nine Years of Psychonavigation Records) (Ambient / Chill) Compilation Digipack CD

PSY034 ‘An Taobh Tuathail Vol 3’ (Folk / Electronica ) Compilation Digipack CD

PSY035 anodyne ‘corrosion’ (Techno) Digipack CD

PSY036 Antonio Trinchera ‘Voce Falena’ (Ambient / Guitar Soundscapes) Album Digipack CD

PSY037 Anodyne – Remix 12” Vinyl EP (Autechre, The Black Dog & Lackluster) SOLD OUT

PSY038 Gel-Sol ‘k8ema’ (Ambient / Soundscapes) Album Digipack CD

PSY039 Enrico Coniglio ‘SALICORNIE’ (Areavirus Topofonie Vol 2) (Ambient) Album Digipack CD

PSY040 Maschine ‘Maschine’ (Electronica / Breaks / Drum N Bass) Album Digipack CD

PSY041 Mindfield Compilation Digipack CD Featuring : The Future Sound Of London, Scanner„ The Black Dog, Space Time Continuum,Robert Leiner and many more Compilation (July 2011)

PSY042 Obsil ‘Vicino’ Album (Found Sounds / Electronica) Digipack CD (April 2011)

PSY043 Zombie Computer ‘Indian Summer’ (Electro Rock ) Digipack CD (June 2011)

PSY044 Buckminster Fuzeboard ‘Funny Noises’ (Downtempo) Album Digipack CD (August 2011)

PSY045 Cuttooth ‘Elements’ (Downtempo/Dubstep) Album Digipack CD (September 2011)

PSY046 Sense ‘Selected Moments Volume 1’ (Ambient) Album Digipack CD (November 2011)


PSY048-1 Waves On Canvas ‘Angel’ Feat : Louise Rutkowski [This Mortal Coil] (Ambient / Guitar) 7” Vinyl. Cover artwork by Vaughan Oliver (November 2011)

PSY048 Waves On Canvas ‘Into The Northsea’ (Ambient/Shoegaze/Electronica) Album CD

PSY049 Karol Gwóźdź ‘Tamte Czasy’ (Piano/Modern Classical) Album CD

PSY050 Psychonavigation records Sampler 2012 (Ambient/Electronica) LTD CDR (100 Copies)

PSY052 Roger Doyle ‘Chalant’ (Modern Classical/Electronica ) Album CD

PSY053 Antonio Trinchera – Spirits Write Letters (Ambient/Jazz/Electronica) Album CD

PSY054 krill.minima (Marsen Jules) ‘Sekundenschlaf’ (Ambient/Dub/Techno) Album CD

PSY056 Imploded View - Picnics With Pylons (Downtempo / Electronica / Ambient)

PSY057 Seamus O’Muineachain (Piano/Ambient) Album CD (20 Copies left)

PSY058 Samora - The Unspeakable (Ambient/Poetry) Album CD

PSY059 Samora - The Unspeakable Remixes [Digital Only]

PSY060 Dao De Noize - Kalam (Ethnic / Dub] Album CD

PSY061 Happiness In Aeroplanes Album NOT RELEASED

PSY062 Arpatle - The Day After (Ambient Dub) Album CD

PSY063 An Taobh Tuathail Boxset (3 x CD)

PSY064 Zombie Computer - Time Keeps Passing [Digital Only]

PSY065 Imploded View - Dark Is the Light [Digital Only]

PSY066 Lorenzo Montana - Eilatix Album Jewelcase CDR

PSY067 Samora - Who Knows [Digital Only]

PSY068 Sense - The Dream Album Jewelcase CDR

PSY069 Pure Evil - A New Dawn Album Jewelcase CDR

PSY070 Les Trois Psychologues - Daft Aurora Album Jewelcase CDR

PSY071 Off Land - Tidewater Pulse Album Jewelcase CDR

PSY072 Galati -Godhavn Album Digipck CD 

PAY073 The Living Room (Orlando Voorn) - Armchair Education Jewelcase CDR

PSY074 Shammen Delly - Shammen Delly Album Jewelcase CDR

PSY075 Joel Fausto & Illusion Orchestra - Illusion Orchestra At The Gloomy Club Album Jewelcase CDR

PSY076 Ben Bix - All Of The Variations At Once Album Jewelcase CDR 

PSY077 Miss Silencio & Dr.Atmo - Hush! Album Jewelcase CDR

PSY078 Steve Stoll - Praxis Album Jewelcase CDR

PSY079 Shammen Delly Midnight Sessions EP  W / anodyne Remix (Digital Only)

PSY080 Derek Carr- Binary Son Album Jewelcase CDR

PSY081 Hakobune - Tonight Is Why Album Jewelcase CDR

PSY082 Lorenzo Montana - Leema Hactus Album Jewelcase CDR

PSY083 Man In A Room - The Alchemist’s Apprentice Album Jewelcase CDR

PSY084 Geisha - Futher / Closer Album Trigger Jewelcase CDR 

PSY085 Arche - First Cause Album Trigger Jewelcase CDR

PSY086 Bruno Bavota - The Secret Of The Sea Trigger Jewelcase CDR

PSY087 Johnny Yesterday –  Allie, Don’t Let Me Disappear EP (Digital Only)

PSY088 Andrea Carri - Chronos (Limited Disc)

PSY089 Sapphirine Phlant – Odds And Ends Trigger Jewelcase CDR

PSY090 Module One Album TBC

PSY091 Sense - Still Life Trigger Jewelcase CDR

PSY092 Oliver Lieb - Inside Voices Digipack CD

PSY093 Johnny Yesterday – Breathe In,Breathe Out. Jewelcase CDR

PSY094 Galati - Mother Digipack CD

PSY095 Off Land - Quinarian Trigger Jewelcase CDR

PSY096 Mick Chillage – Tales Retold Trigger Jewelcase CDR

PSY097 David Harrow - On Forever Gone Trigger Jewelcase CDR  

PSY098 Peter Benisch – Broken Chords Trigger Jewelcase CDR


OFF001 Damien Hughes - Tropea (12” / CD + Digital)

OFF002 Offshoot Sampler (12” Only)

OFF003 Replicants - ETA  (Digital Only)

OFF004 tbc

OFF005 Willem Gator - City Of Sadness  (Digital Only)

0FF006 Frausun - Wasteland Devastation Love Songs (CD + Digital)

0FF007  Perfect Cluster - John Wayne (Digital Only)

0FF008 Replicants - Play With Wires (CD + Digital)

0FF009 Replicants - Insignificant EP (Digital Only)

OFF010 Replicants - Lonley (Digital Only)

OFF011 Replicants - Prototype (Digital Only)

OFF012 Replicants - Tabac (Digital Only)

OFF013 Replicants - Kinderdungeon (Digital Only)

OFF014 Replicants - Farewell EP (Digital Only)

OFF015 Luke Kay – Mauritia EP  (Digital Only)

OFF016 Scale - Tales (Limited Disc / Digital )

OFF017 Letters Of Utrecht - Slow Exit EP (Limited Disc / Digital) 

OFF018 anodyne - IV (Limited Disc / Digital) 

OFF019 Kohshi Kamata - Seven Most (Limited Disc / Digital)  

OFF020 The Gateless Gate - Sibir (Limited Disc / Digital)                                

OFF021 Emmerichk – Late Nineties (Limited Disc / Digital)


Nippi 001 Sundazed Compilation CD (Featuring Beat Foundation / Groove Armada)

Niipi 002 Common Tongue ‘Want & Longing’ (Traditional Irish Singer,Electronics) Album Digipack CD

Nippi 003 Derek Ryan - Always On My Mind (Contemporary Songs sung with great passion by one of Ireland’s most respected singers) Album Digipack Cd

Nippi 004 The P Afection – Cakes for occasions (Indi Rock / Folk) Album Card wallet CD

Nippi 005 Perfect Cluster - Noise Pleasure (Indi Rock/Electronics) Jewel Case CD


EIRE 001 Audiokiss - Really Kind Of Moving (Digital Only)


EIRE 003 Audiokiss - Broken In Time feat. Liam O Maonlai (Digital Only)

EIRE 004 Sumdaze - We Live And Die In These Towns (CD / Digital)


EIRE 006 Simon MacHale - Nothing But This One (Digital Only)

EIRE 007 Kevin Nolan Featuring Julie Feeney - Aubade (Digital Only)

EIRE 008 Kevin Nolan - Fredrick & The Golden Dawn Album (CD/Digital)

EIRE 008LP Kevin Nolan -   Fredrick & The Golden Dawn Album (12” Vinyl LP)

EIRE 009 Simon MacHale - Let Down Those Old Defences Album (CD/Digital)

EIRE 010 Simon MacHale - I Remember (Digital Only) 

EIRE 011 Les Lord - The Wimzical Sherovolti Album (CDR/Digital)

EIRE 012 Les Lord - Uimhir a Dó Album (CDR/Digital)

EIRE 013 Kevin Nolan - Splinter Single (Digital / Radio Promo)

EIRE 014 Daniel McDermott – The Lullaby Wars (CDR/Digital)


TRAN 001 Federico Mosconi – Acquatinta [Limited Jewelcase CDR] 

TRAN 002 Devanagari - Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō EP [Limited Jewelcase CDR]

TRAN 003 Perfect Cluster - Mind Control (Single) [Digital Only]

TRAN 004  Perry Frank - Soundscape Box 001 [Limited Jewelcase CDR]